Please join the 

George Pron / Paul Seton Detachment of the

Marine Corps League

 As We Celebrate the

248th Marine Corps Birthday Brookside Country Club 

850 N. Adams St. Pottstown, PA November 11, 2023

contact Tom Hyland

  for more information.

Advanced Ticket Sales Only

  Click Link to view more Photos from 2022 Marine Corps Ball

courtesy of Tom Hyland and Billy Worrell


          More photos from previous Marine Corps Birthday Ball by Tom Hyland



Photos from 2016 Marine Corps Ball courtesy of Tom Hyland


 Photos from 2015 Marine Corps Ball courtesy of Tom Hyland and  Bill Worrell.

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  Photos from 2014 Marine Corps Ball courtesy of Bill Worrell.

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 Join us for Dinner, Dancing, Music and of course the Marine Corps Birthday Ceremonies.  OORAH! 

    photos from previous Birthday Balls …let’s make it bigger and better in 2014!!

For additional pictures, see PHOTO PAGE / Marine Ball 2012 on this site.